Broadway Program

For elegant parties, banquets, and dinners or events with medium to large crowds, this show, with two onstage assistants, is an impressive choice. It features five major illusions: guillotine or volunteer sawing, Origami, Houdini’s Metamorphosis, levitation (with fog), and either the original, perplexing and funny Geometrick illusion or the very fast Temple of Benares with the magician’s rabbit.

There’s a very special feature in the BROADWAY repertoire that is unique to the Wonders of Magic attraction: it’s David’s onstage recreation of the board game Clue with six of your guests as Prof Plum, Miss Scarlet and the other suspects.  David’s assistant adds a lovely touch as an attractive sleuth offering six little coffins, each containing a familiar weapon.  There are even enlarged floor plans of the rooms of Mr Boddy’s mansion.  With an effective musical backing, a humorous narrator and a stage full of colorful props, the game is afoot!

The show is rounded out with four additional grand stage illusions.

This is the choice for fund-raisers, corporate open houses, and big holiday affairs and picnics. It can be adjusted from fifty to sixty, or more, minutes and features lots of color, action, music, and costuming.